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Cradle-to-cradle Design

Biological and Technical Cycles

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The C2C network brings together EU regions to share and capitalise on regional good practice in implementing C2C principles in relation to waste prevention and management, and do so by producing sustainable solutions, economic development opportunities and social well-being. http://www.c2cn.eu

The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute is an international non-profit organization co-founded by William McDonough and Michael Braungart to bring about a large-scale transformation in the way we make things. The Institute’s mission is to provide a continuous improvement quality program to guide product manufacturers and designers in making safe and healthy products for our world. http://c2ccertified.org

C2C-Centre, the leading Cradle to Cradle® knowledge platform. Supported by C2C ExpoLAB Foundation, the municipal authority of Venlo and the European Union. http://www.c2c-centre.com

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