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dia 8 de Dezembro: Dimitri sai do aperto

  • I'm not exactly free but now I can see the light far away... I started some comments anywhere and I hope to finish new comments in the next days. In addition I'm going to upload the new "known subpopulations for 27 cities" tomorrow. [Dimitri, 06DEC2010]

software and data management for collaboration[editar código-fonte]

Ale, Neilane, and I have been discussing what we should use to collaborate with code and data in the future. The options we've discussed so far are specific version control systems (like git, mercurial, etc) and also Dropbox. What do people think the advantages and disadvantages of these would be? What should we do? --Dfeehan 20h26min de 15 de Abril de 2011 (UTC)