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Erkan Yilmaz
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wikimedia projects, where I am involved[editar | editar código-fonte]

wikimedia project English German
Thucydides: The Peloponnesian War
(Tucídides - Guerra do Peloponeso)
course: "Peloponnesian War"
(Der Peloponnesische Krieg)
Romance of the Three Kingdoms (by Luo Guanzhong) Die Geschichte der Drei Reiche (von Luo Guanzhong)
Composing free and open online educational resources

some statistics about the Portuguese Wikiversity[editar | editar código-fonte]

UTC time of data collection users total
articles files admins total
software version comment
2008-Mai-26, 17h46min (UTC) 26 257 123 1 2 1 857 1.13alpha (r35266)
2008-Mai-27, 15h57min (UTC) 52 427 123 1 2 2 192 1.13alpha (r35266)
2008-Jun-01, 04h50min (UTC) 112 1 199 350 1 3 4 779 1.13alpha (r35667)
2008-Jul-08, 18h48min (UTC) 265 1 724 315 1 3 7 206 1.13alpha (r37290)
2008-Ago-03, 17h00min (UTC) 326 1 791 325 1 3 7 612 1.14alpha (r38389)
2008-Set-06, 16h26min (UTC) 428 1 938 356 1 2 8 256 1.14alpha (r40356)
2010-Mar.-19, 09h52min (UTC) 2 763 4 584 712 10 1 24 775 1.16alpha-wmf(r59858)
2024-abr.-23, 08h08min (UTC) 39 837 21 684 3 694 114 3 157 937 1.43.0-wmf.1 (8e1947e)

some learning mechanisms[editar | editar código-fonte]

German English French
Gewöhnung / Habituation habituation habituation
klassische Konditionierung classical conditioning conditionnement classique
operante Konditionierung operant conditioning conditionnement opérant
Spielverhalten exploring / game explorer / jeu
Nachahmung -> Lernen d. Beobachtungen imitation -> learning by observing imitation -> apprendre par observations
Neukombiniertes Verhalten -> Lernen durch Einsicht recombinant behavior -> cognitive learning comportement nouveau combiné -> cognitif apprentissage
Prägung imprinting empreinte
Tradition tradition tradition

about me[editar | editar código-fonte]

I am working in the IT-business in quality management.
The first wiki article I wrote, was kind of much work. I thought at beginning it would take just 30 mins. I had everything prepared in notepad, but there has to be considered many things when writing a wiki-article. And then when I reached the neutrality point, I realized, what I wrote unconsciously in the article. So, lots of work at first, but now with time I get faster :-)

Do you think you can not change something in the world?
It is so simple, just remember:
if you help someone, this can cause a chain reaction.
If everyone, who gets help, helps 3 other people we can change something/quality (not only for software) in the world.

Muhammad Yunus had a small, easy idea, which helped to change the world.
Confucius (450BC): "Tell Me and I Will Forget; Show Me and I May Remember; Involve Me and I Will Understand."

We can do the same.
What is wrong being part of this movement NOW ?
Just do it!