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Último comentário: 26 de maio de 2019 de Billinghurst no tópico Spambots?
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Spambots?[editar código-fonte]

Hi there. I saw you have done administrative editing on this project, and you might have answer to this question: was a recent flow of spambot activity identified on this project? Recent changes are filled with bot user creation, as far as I can tell. Thanks. --Joalpe (discussão) 12h23min de 26 de maio de 2019 (UTC)Responder

@Joalpe: there has been a general uptick in spambot activity across all wikis for the past couple weeks, and it seems to be in waves at some wikis. I came as special:abuselog was showing a few more hits than usual here (meta keeps a track of global hits), and I had a look at special:log/spamblacklist whilst here. I am hoping that a few blocks on accounts may stop some of the creations if underlying IPs are re-used. Noting that I also dug through some of the recently deleted edits, and put them into COIBot's monitoring. I have also been adding a few to m:spam blacklist in a hope to cut some more out.

Do feel that if you are getting too much in any logs that we can come and assist. If things are getting through filters, then we can amend filters, or look to blacklisting more. Hope that helps. Never be afraid to ping me. Billinghurst (discussão) 12h44min de 26 de maio de 2019 (UTC)Responder